What is the Code of Business Conduct and what do we use it for?
The Code of Business Conduct and supporting measures (“Code”) are used as a manual to help us:

  • Uphold our values. Good business practices are the reason we are able to maintain and build trust with all stakeholders to ensure the success of our group, beginning with CRH (Slovensko) employees and shareholders as well as the companies we do business with and the communities in which we live.
  • Comply with laws. The principles in the Code help us conduct our work in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to the work we do in the countries where we operate. If any differences exist in customs and business standards between the Code and local regulations, we are bound to apply the highest possible standard of business conduct.
  • We make ethical decisions, in particular when it is not perfectly clear when to do the right thing. While there is nothing better than common sense and good judgement, the Code helps us understand rules and principles we haven’t encountered before. As such, we offer a comprehensive training program that ensures we all understand the Code. We will also require that every employee confirm they understand the Code.


Code of Business Conduct (pdf 5.37mb)

CRH Anti-Bribery Policy (pdf 797kb)

CRH Supplier Code of Conduct (pdf 312kb)