CEM II/A-LL 42,5R White

White portland limestone cement

The white Portland limestone cement opens thanks to its versatility as new dimensions in design and construction, excellent quality, high strength and aesthetic appearance.


  1. Especially suitable for exposed concrete and architectural concrete

  2. Ready-mix concrete / Pumpable concrete

  3. Precast concrete elements / Precast concrete products

  4. Plaster and masonry mortar


  1. Quality

    Superior quality and high durability

  2. Whiteness

    High Whiteness (>84,5%)

  3. Strength

    Good early and final strength

  4. Functionality

    Excellent functionality and unrivaled appearance

  5. Applications

    Production of white or or colored with suitable color pigments concrete

  6. Colorful

    One way to achieve saturated colors, and fine surface textures

Shipping methods

  • Loose cement truck á 26to
  • In 25 kg bags, foil, 600 kg or 1 200 kg Euro pallet
  • In big bags 600 kg, 1 000 kg or 1 500 kg Euro pallet